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"Talk is Cheap" the saying goes. With the Web and simple journaling applications talk has become more than cheap, it has become free for anyone who wishes to say something. EXPRESSION is my two cents worth.

What to do! Zeldman got Facebook!

18 September 2007 11:13:31 | Comments (2)

My world has changed.  My internet rock, the one I knew would never change has changed today.  Jeffery Zeldman got Facebook.  I’m not sure what I am to do.  I don’t really feel that I need another place to go online and waste time.  I spend enough time staring off into the deep white digital […]

Photoshop for iPhone!

18 September 2007 9:36:46 | Comments Off on Photoshop for iPhone!

Just what we’ve all been waiting for: Photoshop CS3 Extended for the iPhone!  (Thanks SimpleBits).

We Pray for safety for those on the Bridge

1 August 2007 17:41:56 | Comments Off on We Pray for safety for those on the Bridge

In the midst of work projects that need to get done this evening, my father calls to inform me that a major interstate bridge here in the Twin Cities has collapsed over the Mississippi River. The shock I feel is something close to the feelings I remember as we all watched 9-11 unfold. Please join […]

Another Mac/Windows Question…

1 August 2007 13:29:41 | Comments (2)

My previous post regarding running Mac OS inside Virtual PC got some great comments. Thanks to everyone for their input. It would appear I’m stuck switching between Mac OS and XP only by shutting down and restarting–the way Apple’s Boot Camp set me up originally.  At least Apple is now offering Safari for Windows.  By […]

Running OS X Tiger in Virtual PC 2007 for XP on a Mac Pro

21 May 2007 9:41:54 | Comments (7)

That’s my goal. My primary system at work is a Mac Pro with all the bells and whistles. I’m running Windows XP Pro with SP2 as the primary OS because that’s what I need for work. We’re a Microsoft shop. There’s no way around it. I’m not going to switch to OSX as the primary […]

The lease is signed & the preparations are coming along!

15 May 2007 7:38:45 | Comments Off on The lease is signed & the preparations are coming along!

I completed the paperwork with the landlord on Saturday. Erica and I will be relocating to St. Anthony, MN. We’ll be moving our belongings up the weekend before the big day and our return flight from the honeymoon will drop us off in our new hometown. I can’t describe how excited I am to begin […]

The Wedding Site

21 January 2007 22:00:36 | Comments (2)

Hey Everyone, I finally got our wedding website posted. You can stay up-to-date with the wedding plans at our site:

Jesus Has Left the Building

29 December 2006 16:24:50 | Comments (1)

I just finished reading “Jesus Has Left the Building” by my dear friend Paul Vieira. it took me a great deal longer than I had anticipated to finish it, but that’s the nature of life some times. The last chapter of the book was to me the most captivating. Maybe because I have heard Paul […]

We’re Gettin’ Hitched!

8 December 2006 9:35:19 | Comments (3)

Last night, outside the Rotary Lights at Riverside Park with the temperature hovering around nine degrees Fahrenheit, I asked my beautiful girlfriend to become my wife. “How did you do it?” you ask? Well, it started with the help of her roommates who blindfolded and kidnapped her for the trip down to the park. You […]

It Is Finished! (This site, that is)

21 November 2006 23:05:31 | Comments Off on It Is Finished! (This site, that is)

I was finally able to spend a little time finishing the last few details of this site. The site was pretty close to complete before today, but if you ever happened to use the search feature in the past, you would have noticed the results didn’t show up very nicely. And what’s even sweeter (as […]

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