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"Talk is Cheap" the saying goes. With the Web and simple journaling applications talk has become more than cheap, it has become free for anyone who wishes to say something. EXPRESSION is my two cents worth.

A Moment of Satisfaction for a Job Well Done

17 November 2006 6:38:20 | Comments Off on A Moment of Satisfaction for a Job Well Done

Well, we made it. Almost 24 minutes ago we launched the new Mathews Inc. website. Mathews makes the world’s most renowned bows. The biggest offering on the new site? A new bow release that has been kept under tight wraps for months. The site was actually swamped by visitors when we made the switch. We […]

Ah, Politics

8 November 2006 18:03:09 | Comments Off on Ah, Politics

So the Democrats took back the House in yesterday’s elections. What can I say? “Big deal” sounds about right. The process of democracy in our great nation still seems to function properly, but in reality (to most of us) a change in control just means a different set of agendas. Agendas that are generally ineffective. […]

Work, Work, Work

16 October 2006 13:19:52 | Comments Off on Work, Work, Work

My lack of recent posts suggests what is true—work has been ridiculously busy as of late. We are very, very near to completing a major web project application that is entirely unique from anything we have ever done in the past. This project was an “initiation” project for one of our new developers. He has […]

Startbuck’s and Me Alone

13 October 2006 13:19:54 | Comments Off on Startbuck’s and Me Alone

This past Tuesday morning, I had to stop and have a punctured tire repaired which meant that I had a few minutes to kill while waiting. I decided to check out the new Starbuck’s here in town (as in our first official Starbuck’s—we’ve had a Barnes & Noble Café for quite sometime now, but this […]

The Ghost of a New Orleans Tent City

6 September 2006 12:30:52 | Comments Off on The Ghost of a New Orleans Tent City

Today, I happened to be using Google Maps and decided to take a satellite look at where I stayed while I was in New Orleans helping with the rebuild effort this past March. I quickly located the city park that was home to our tent city and recognized the outlines in the grass of hundreds […]

2006 St. Paul Inline Marathon

5 September 2006 8:56:00 | Comments Off on 2006 St. Paul Inline Marathon

On August 20th I competed (for the second time) in the St. Paul Inline Marathon. 26.2 miles of inline skating excitement. This year I did a minute better than last year with a time of 1:47:18.6. Not bad for a guy who didn’t really practice at all this season. Last year, I really tried to […]

Laundry Melodrama

3 September 2006 16:11:08 | Comments Off on Laundry Melodrama

Yesterday, Erica and I did our laundry together for the first time…ever. Kind of a big step in the grand scheme of things. I mean, her underwear and my underwear shared the same wash water. That’s pretty huge. Everything was going great until Erica started sorting the first load to come out of the dryer. […]

A Bed of Dilemmas

29 August 2006 15:17:49 | Comments Off on A Bed of Dilemmas

Call me obsessed, call me financially minded, call me whatever you’d like. It seems as of late many things that I’ve spent time thinking about have been money related. For the last few months, I’ve been mentally debating myself about buying a new bed. The bed I currently use is “that bed” we all somehow […]

The Durango I Didn’t Buy

10 August 2006 11:44:19 | Comments Off on The Durango I Didn’t Buy

On Tuesday, I came across a ’98 Dodge Durango that was for sale by owner. The truck had 78,000 mile on it, still had a two year extended warranty and was overall in very good condition. The seller was only asking $5,900 for the vehicle. The blue book was a lot closer to $7,500. I […]

Team Gang Green

21 July 2006 15:59:50 | Comments Off on Team Gang Green

Yesterday, four of us from work became team “Gang Green” and headed to Drugan’s for a La Crosse area golf scramble. The game was a best-ball tournament against other area businesses. One of the four of us is actually a really good golfer, one of us can hold his own and the last two are, […]

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