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What is it that has brought me to where I am today? EXPERIENCE is the journey I have thus far taken. Primarily professional, it is the line drawn with a highlighter on the roadmap for my life denoting the unadorned and exotic places already visited.

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Currently freelancing as a front end developer and designer with my new venture, DPE Design, I was previously employed as a Graphic and Interactive Designer at Sleeping Giant Studios, LLC. I Co-founded my first web design company, Essentia Studios, LLC, in 2003 and sold the company to Sleeping Giant in the summer of 2005. I originally graduated from Onalaska High School in beautiful La Crosse, Wisconsin. (OHS by the way was my first “professionally” published web site. The school’s site was initiated as part of an independent study I did during my senior year.)

A Cum Laude graduate from Viterbo University, my BFA in Graphic Design included an emphasis on two and three dimensional design, layout, illustration, and typography. I have also studied Photography and Printmaking. With a minor in Philosophy, I enjoy understanding Commercial Art’s function in society as much as I enjoy creating it.

Beyond my degree, I have done work for a number of organizations as a technical consultant; as well as, in the planning, preparation, and production of large-scale conferences and seminars. I have experience in information technology including an internship with Supervalu Incorporated and have worked with design as it relates to the Internet for approximately eleven years.

My work has appeared in a number of publications including Viterbo University’s Touchstone Magazine where I also served as the print and online editor for the 2003 issue. My web sites have won awards such as the “Golden Web Award” and I had the privilege of serving as a design consultant for a series of cast engravings that appear on the exterior of Viterbo University’s D.B. Reinhart Center. Along with professional design work, I am an active artists working primarily in printmaking and painting. My most recent exhibit, “Abstractions and Simplifications from Life” was on display at The Pump House Regional Arts Center in La Crosse.

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