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Remote Desktop for Vista Home Premium

17 August 2008 16:48:40

I just found out that Remote Desktop (RDP) isn’t a standard feature for Windows Vista Home Premium, the version of Vista we have on the new laptop.  Bummer.  I use RDP almost daily and can’t imagine life without it.  No worries though.  A quick Google for a solution lead me to a post explaining how to reinstate it and providing the files to do so.  Quick, easy and (unlike many how-to’s out there) functional and I’m back to having RDP at my fingertips.  Thanks for posting, Frans!

2 Responses to “Remote Desktop for Vista Home Premium”

  1. Peter Fitora Says:

    does this work on a different port number example 4000? I have two computers and was able to remote into more than one pc by using a different port number with xp.

  2. DaveE Says:

    Hmm… I can’t say I know the answer to your question. I would assume that since it is the same RDP tool that it would work the same from Vista to XP, but I can’t say for sure since I’ve never used it that way.

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