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The End of an Era

27 January 2009 11:58:43

Over the past several weeks I’ve noticed that my trusty Dell TrueMobile 1184 wireless router would unintentionally drop wireless connections and was incapable of more than about 5MB/s of throughput.  Then yesterday, it started dropping my wired Ethernet connection.  Okay, I guess it’s time to retire the old girl and finally upgrade to that newfangled 802.11-G spec.   Keep in mind this router came out in in October of 2002 and has happily served my home networking these past 6+ years.  It will be hard to see her go, just thinking of all the places we’ve been together, networks we’ve encountered and files she’s served.  In honor of her passing, I decided to post a photo and consider this her memorial.  Rest In Peace my friend.  You will be missed.

Dell TrueMobile 1184 Wireless Router

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