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One Journey Ends & Another Begins

21 June 2011 11:21:20

There are a few moments in my life that are seared into memory with a jumble of mixed emotion.  Today is one of those days.  After months of prayerful consideration, this morning I announced my resignation from Sleeping Giant Studios, LLC.  June 30th will be my last day of full-time employment.

The past six years have been an amazing time of learning, growing and working toward better websites and better web applications for our many fantastic clients. We’ve learned so much together and we’ve built many amazing things together.  I’m confident that Sleeping Giant will continue to provide the absolute best quality and service for many years to come. It just isn’t in their character to do otherwise.

My season at Sleeping Giant has also been a time of growing intimacy and community with a group of guys—and their families—that I’ll never forget.  Everyone at Sleeping Giant has become family to Erica and me.  We will miss you all dearly. I’m most thankful for the opportunity I had to work for “the world’s best boss.”  I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, if I were ever to have employees working for me I hope I could run my shop half as well as Jon Hage has run his.  Thank you, Jon, for being incredible.

With the sadness of leaving comes the excitement of starting something new.  I’m pleased to announce that I’m going out on my own as a freelance web craftsman.  I’ll be focusing my services toward front end design and development, WordPress consulting and a bit of server administration here and there.  Of course, there are countless details to square away during this transition.  Keep watching this space for more news about the new venture.  I’m sure it will be interesting to say the least.


One Response to “One Journey Ends & Another Begins”

  1. wife Says:

    so proud of you! Now go buy me something! 🙂

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